How do I contact RED POCKET Mobile Customer Service?




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    Clffrd Edwrd

    Yesterday, before I purchased a plan, I chatted and was told that if I selected a shipping method that wasn't free that I'd be provided a tracking number via email. I ordered and selected the 3-5 day option, and the tracking number was never provided.

    I was going to login so I could get the order number, and then I could chat with one of your reps about it, but it seems that I can't login without a phone number... which I don't have on account of you sending it in the mail. Then I tried to resolve that issue as well via chat but there was something wrong with that person (or thing), she (or it) had me repeating myself - is that an automated representative or a person; if it's automated, then the software needs to be looked after. And of course it also seems that you have no other reps but that one today, as each & every time I try to chat, it's (or she's?) the one ready to do so.

    It's a fairly straight-forward problem, I'm asked to enter my email address at the start of the chat, and I started the chat by saying that I'd placed an order, and then tried to go on about how I could not obtain my order number because I had not yet been assigned the phone number required for the login. This was too much for your rep. Please email me the tracking number assigned to email Thank You

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    Chaya Klugman

    My phone broke and I am using a different phone number until i order a new phone. Is there a way to have all my calls and texts forwarded to my temporary number?

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